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This is how I made a poultice using ordinary tea bags for some years when I was much sicker than I am these days..

Poultice is a transdermal means to deliver an herbal antibiotic. I found it to be very effective in keeping me out of the ER and off of prescription antibiotics. The side effects are generally more tolerable as well.

Here is the original text that I wrote and published many years ago elsewhere and has mostly been edited for format/readility (mostly adding spacing as it was a Wall Of Text):

I read somewhere (or heard) that tea has the most health benefits when it has been steeped for 3 to 7 minutes. Longer than that reduces its benefits.

I found that cold water poultices weren't very effective. I would buy tea that came in a bag without a string or I would snip off the strings and put the tea bags in a large measuring cup (like 2 cup or 4 cup measuring cup -- they have a handle for pouring and are a good size).

I poured boiling hot water over…

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